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MMM games

Welcome to the first ever Magic Mind Mini games

On Sunday May 6th we will host an afternoon of competition. 

On our custom built 4x12 mini halfpipe we will host a session. This session is limited to skateboarding only.

On our custom Mini roller disco rink we will host a session. This session is limited to roller skates only. We want to see your moves!

Back to back sessions.

We encourage all to come session the ramp and dance the rink all weekend to some rad music throughout the entire weekend.

Sign ups will be between 12pm. - 1pm.

Halpipe sessions will begin at 2pm.

Roller rink sessions will begin at 3pm.

Winners will be announced at 5pm.


The performances will be judged by the people. We will tally up the favorite and announce on the stage. We will have a Dj and commentation during the performances .

1st place  - $500 and a free ticket to the Festival 

2nd place - $250 and a free ticket to the Festival 

3rd place - $100 and a free ticket to the Festival 

All participants are required to purchase a weekend or day pass to participate. Upon winning you will be reimbursed your ticket charge after the completion of the festival.

Hosted By:
Maddi McCallen

Mitchell Musk

Magic Mind Festival 

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